Top Divorce Lawyers and Advocate in Mumbai

A divorce is among the most disturbing occurrences for any couple. To add to this, it can also be a long and expensive matter in India if the divorce is contested. Even couples that jointly choose to divorce, however, they must prove that they have been separated for a year before the courts consider their appeal.

In India, as with most private matters, rules for divorce are related to religion. Divorce amongst Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains is ruled by the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Muslims by the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, Parsis by the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 and Christians by the Indian Divorce Act, 1869. All civil and inter-community marriages are ruled by the Special Marriage Act, 1956.

Hiring a top divorce lawyer in Mumbai is the best way you get peace of mind when dealing with matrimonial cases, child custody, alimony, and mutual divorce or contested divorce proceedings. Contact  Bishnoi Advocate to hire a top divorce lawyer or advocate for marriage issues in Mumbai to file or defend your mutual divorce petition, contested divorce, alimony, domestic violence (DV), interim maintenance, 125 CrPC, dowry harassment u/s 498a, women cell complaints or any other related matters.

Divorces are the last and the most hectic process in any case. Either it is agreement or contested divorce, Bishnoi Advocate understands your case and works as a family to get the best resolution at the most difficult moment in your life. Is your daughter been harassed for dowry or she is been abused physically or mentally, Bishnoi Advocate will take care of all the legal proceeding on behalf or you and make sure all the legalities and documentation are being taken care by.

If the couple has a child, the divorce is the worst thing they face as it’s not only the husband and wife but also about the child and its future. Bishnoi Advocate helps its clients to settle the custody of the child.

We are one of the top lawyers in Mumbai and our continuous consultation from Top Advocate in Mumbai high court helps our clients to place a strong case in the court. We understand the criticality of each case and tries the best way to make the process as simple as possible. Reducing the hectic documentation and informing its clients on the timely manner. We aim to get the case resolved and try to get the decision as quickly as possible as we understand the importance of time and emotions.

We work closely with our client’s family and seek help from police officers involved in the case of dowry complaints, physical harassment or sexual abuse or alimony dispute, we tries to keep a strong case in the court for an effective judgement.

We hope you never see the situation for divorce and have a happy married life. In case you would like to split Bishnoi Advocate is the best option available