Innocent until Proven Guilty

Imagine you wake up with the police on your door arresting you for a crime which you never committed.

A criminal lawyer’s duty is to defend their clients and we always say this to clients, it does not matter if you committed the crime or not. According to the Indian Law, it is the inherent right of an individual to have legal counsel and any denial is a violation of the Constitution and Bar Council norms. The judgment will be passed by the courts.

As a criminal lawyer, we strongly believe in Blackstone’s formulation that states that “It is better than 10 guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffers”. The Indian criminal jurisprudence states that it is the prosecution that must prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, the accused must be presumed to be innocent, and the onus of the prosecution never shifts.

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Bishnoi Advocate handles all the services that come under the purview of a Criminal Lawyer which includes bail applications, criminal complaints, FIR, appeals, dowry, IPR, patent and trademark violations, FOREX cases, economic offence, Cyberlaw and IT crimes.

In addition to Criminal Law, we also handle cases under AFT, CAT and MAT, Civil Law, Corporate and Securities Law, International Law and NRI cases, Litigation and Real Estate and have over 38 years of experience.

Through investigating the case, building supporting arguments with the legal expertise we build a foolproof case and present strong arguments and negotiation skills to provide you with the best-customized solution.

Bishnoi Advocate aims at providing the best legal services to its clients. We host some Top advocate in Mumbai and with their consultation and expertise, our clients stand a strong case at the court.

We get all the required information on the case and study each proof which is linked or connect to our clients. Our top lawyers in Mumbai check the case documents with all the possible angles possible.

Question the witnesses and cross witnesses is the most important part in front of the top Advocate in Mumbai high court. We strongly believe that each of our clients has a fair share of the equal trial at the court and we fight for them.

Getting anticipatory bail, demanding or blocking on the nonbailable warrant are the most important factors and we at Bishnoi Advocate make sure all the right actions are taken on behalf of our clients.

We wish you never have a situation to be involved in any criminal offence or are wrongly prosecuted. Would there be any such situation, Bishnoi Advocate are your best legal partners in Mumbai.